‘Otrobanda’ literally translates into “other side”. It got it’s name as it is located on the other waterfront of downtown-area ‘Punda’, across the St. Anna Bay. These two areas combined, form the historical center of Willemstad, both of which are also well known for their lively painted houses.

Visit the Riffort

The Riffort is a 19th century defense monument, built to protect the islanders from pirates and other enemies back in the days. Nowadays The Riffort has become a tourist magnet, best known for its various shops, great restaurants and delightful bars.

Shopping in Renaissance Mall

Next to the Riffort defenses monument, you will find the Renaissance Mall, a fairly new and modern shopping center, with various and luxurious shops such as Armani Exchange, Tiffany & Co and Guess.

Kura Hulanda Museum

Also known as ‘The Slavery Museum’, will give you the impression of the time where slavery left it’s imprint on the today’s rich culture of Curacao. Although slavery is one of the biggest aspects of this museum, it will also give you an idea about the different cultures and their origins here on Curacao.

Walk on the ‘Pontjesbrug’

Crossing one of the most recognizable features of downtown Willemstad also known as ‘The Pontoon Bridge’ of ‘Swinging old Lady’, will make your experience of Curacao even more memorable. From here, you will have an amazing view on the coloured houses at both waterfronts, as well as on Brionplein and The Riffort defenses.

Spot cruise ships

At the back of the Renaissance Mall you will find a harbor that accommodates cruise ships on a daily basis. A clean and romantic atmosphere compliments this area where you may be able to see the docking of a luxurious cruise ship, as well as the beautiful sunset view.

Visit Breedestraat

The Breedestraat is the main street of downtown Otrobanda and also its main shopping street. Surely worthwhile visiting if you are interested in seeing Curacao with its true, uncensored features.